Horsanity was originally founded to bring to the people who make up organisations, our collective knowledge and experience and the direct wisdom of horses.

As time has gone on, we have recognised that we can make the greatest difference to the world the through helping women find their voices, to feel heard and to be heard.  Until there is true equity in the workplace and in society the same patterns will be perpetuated.

If we want a world (as we do at Horsanity) in which Kindness and Compassion are held as Values, we need to recognise them as strengths. That we can set boundaries from a place of compassionate responsiveness, not defensive reactivity, no matter our gender. That we can authentically express our voices and follow our true natures and not be trapped into conforming to the expectations of others in order to feel valued and worthy.

Our primary work is with individuals through our innovative Equine Interactive Workshops or through one on one coaching (in person with the horses or remotely) individuals. We can also create workshops tailored to the needs of groups.

Working with horses in nature brings you into the present, creating a space where you can feel safe and let go of the tensions and anxieties of a busy life and access the wisdom of your own body. To that we add our deep skills as facilitators and coaches so that you gain the maximum benefit from the experience and are able to translate your learning to your daily life. Through real-life interaction with the horses, deep shifts in your understanding of your self are possible. Moving with creatures who have not been conditioned by human thought patterns can awaken intuition, creativity and communication skills through non-verbal body centered wisdom.

We bring the wisdom gained from a life time with horses, extensive and varied experiences as working women, business owners and a lifetime of simply being women. On top of that we add all those letters after our names from education and certifications.


We live in an age of constant movement and famously short attention spans whilst carrying a sense of distance from the centering and calming forces of Nature; a kind of modern day insanity. We feel that there is never enough time yet can waste large amounts of time down a rabbit hole of unproductive, and worse, un-enriching scrolling.

Horses can help us to learn to balance “being” and “doing” within ourselves, our families and work and so creating lives that are worth living.

Horsanity exists to bring us back to what is most real, most truly rewarding, healthy and beneficial.

For us these are kindness and compassion; relating; creating; concern for others and the future; discovering and revealing the true nature of ourselves and all things – what we call Sanity. We do this supported by the wisdom of horses. Our primary focus is to support women who feel unheard, unseen, even worthless, rediscover themselves and their true natures. To find their voices and place in the world. To rediscover their sense of self.

The path of human evolution has been linked to horses since we stood upright.

First we hunted them to feed our bodies. Then we made their power, speed and beauty our own when they let us climb up on their backs. We traveled distances never before possible and began to wage territorial wars on each other, we used them to gain power over others. They powered the agrarian age and now provide us with a multi-billion dollar sporting and entertainment industry worldwide.

We’re entering their next evolution whereby they become our
sage teachers and coaches simply by being. By modeling for us “doing” obsessed humans the art of being present and in the now

We know that horses can help us find our way back to our true nature,
one where we are no longer gripped by fear and its global destructiveness, but
rather able to embody our true power, grace and beauty as co-existent species. Where Kindness and Compassion are our guiding lights.

We, like the wolves, by following our true nature are influencing and contributing in our own way to the health and well being of humanity and ultimately, positively, to the tipping point we now sense.

We invite you to watch ” How Wolves Change Rivers”.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
Brene Brown

Letters from the Herd

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