Finding your voice, being heard and setting boundaries with kindness and compassion – Full and Multi-day Equine Interactive Workshops.

There are many reasons why we can feel we have lost our voice, our sense of self.

It goes beyond simple nervousness of public speaking. It could be that you feel completely dis-empowered or that you are afraid to speak up because of the consequences. That you have been made to feel stupid or worthless. Perhaps you have given up voicing your ideas and opinions when you are constantly overlooked, only to have someone else say the same thing and be taken notice of, even celebrated.

Perhaps at work you are the authoritative voice that is listened to but at home you have learned to hold your tongue and avoid confrontation. Or that your boundaries are non existent but you fear offending people by putting them in place.

Maybe you have been “medicalised” where you have become your condition to everyone you deal with, even those who love you, whom you do not want to upset when they are coming from a place of caring.

Perhaps you are the person who hides in the bathroom at parties when everyone is boisterously enjoying themselves. Who disappears just before midnight on New Years Eve so you do not have to be involved. You shrink and withdraw.

Or maybe you are good in social settings but when asked to put your thoughts on paper the sight of a blank page freezes you brain. You would rather use other people words than express your own thoughts.

Our workshops provide a forum in which you can feel heard, feel safe and feel free to express your thoughts. You will work with the horses to become fully present, to yourself and to others. You will learn to practice deep listening, using your body wisdom as well as your mind.

Every time you come and work with the horses you will find yourself able to go deeper behind your masks and learn more about accessing and confidently expressing your authentic voice.

Full day Workshops are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Conversations in the Paddock – being heard – Half day gathering

Our “Conversations” are less structured than the full day workshops. They are designed to create a forum, a circle, in which we can freely discuss our ideas and experiences. Where our voices can he heard and where we can hear others. Always supported by the presence of the horses and set outdoors, supported by nature.

Conversations are typically around a theme. Our intention is to maintain a theme for a 12 month period (there are four Conversations a year) so that people can come once, or as many times as they like and be part of the evolving conversation.

2020 – International Women’s Day – Each for Equal
2021 – International Women’s Day – Choose to Challenge

One on One Coaching

Whilst the Group is a powerful way to explore self growth there are times when you may want one on one support, or are unable to attend a scheduled workshop.

One on one coaching also gives us the flexibility to offer both in person sessions involving the horses or to connect remotely through the wonders of technology.

One on one can also be a way to experience the power of horses in the process of finding your sense of self without having to commit to a full day.

Pam is available for one-on-one coaching at Blandford (Upper Hunter) and Lynn at Dungog (Lower Hunter). We are both available via Zoom or phone.

I attended the Horsanity workshop as a way to deepen my understanding of communication and influence. Understanding a person’s ability to influence, engage and connect with others is vital in the work I do. What struck me the most with this workshop was the ability to get instant feedback about the impact different communication styles have on others. I was moved and impressed by the rawness of the feedback and the unequivocal and instant impact of my choices on the horses. Working with the horses provided critical insights into how peoples’ communication and leadership choices affect those around them. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who wants to understand, expand and deepen their ability to connect with others and make a difference through their leadership and influence. In fact I was so impressed by the workshop that I wrote a blog about my experiences and the value I gained from the exercise.

How clear is your communication? Ask a horse.

Anneli Blundell, People Whisperer

I was quite unsure about what to expect as I had never completed a day such as this. On arrival I was made to feel completely welcome and at ease. I was really looking for a day to focus on myself, look at how I was currently dealing with (or not dealing with) a number of issues and how to move ahead positively.
This workshop gave me exactly what I needed but with a twist – putting horses into the mix. I have had minimal involvement with horses in the past and would say I am not that comfortable around them. Working through issues in a group setting, drawing our feelings and our future, and time alone allowed me to focus on what I really wanted to achieve from the day. Time later with the horses really showed me the affect I can have on others. This something I have struggled with and the way the horses reacted to me and each other was an extremely eye opening experience.
I really enjoyed the focus on mindfulness, and time alone for a stroll around beautiful Yaroonga to reflect was really cleansing for the soul.
I fully recommend this wonderful day for anyone who would like a day to just step back, reassess themselves and how they deal with others and how they want to move forward in a more positive way.
Karen Yelverton – Development Executive

“I feel a great sense gratitude that I recently had the opportunity to attend a Horsanity clinic run by the very professional & dedicated team of Pam, Sandra & Lynne. What attracted me to the clinic was that it involved horses. I have loved horses my entire life so I was curious to see & experience the process. What I found was an incredible learning curve. One triggered by what the horses can & did teach us. The day far exceeded my expectations & I came away with the answers & the tools I had been seeking for a very long time to a very complex & difficult problem. The most profound thing for me was that I inevitably came up with the solution myself. Expertly guided through the exercises with these 3 amazing women who taught with compassion, wisdom, humour & kindness. I am just totally in awe of what I experienced & how. I see my own horses now in a totally new light as a result & I know my riding connection will also deepen. Having said that you certainly don’t have to be a horse person to participate & you will probably have an edge on the rest of us because you won’t go in with any pre-existing ideas on horsemanship. I can’t honestly think if a human soul that would not benefit from this process. I recommend it to everyone.”

Melissa Lowe – Dressage Rider & Owner of Fortissimo Freestyles

“My Horsanity experience was one of those life-altering experiences that I know I will reflect on for a long time to come. It lifted the veil on where I tend to go wrong in my attempts to lead others, and gave me practical solutions to remedy this. I am incredibly grateful to Pam, Lynne, Sandra and the others that were in attendance on the day for their supportive and engaged involvement in my transforming experience.”

Alison Bucknall, HR Co-ordinator, Nilfisk ANZ

“We all know what it’s like when life feels tough. And I’ve always been someone who just gets on with it. When I heard about the Horsanity workshop series and after having a chat with one of the facilitators, I decided to trust my intuition and give it a go. The models were great and the “experiments” we did really supported me to connect to deeper resources I discovered in myself and to gain a clearer sense of what I really need.”

Robyn Walsh, Dressage Rider and Owner of Kihope Lodge

Letters from the Herd

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