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January 2020

What’s in store?

We are coming to the end of of our fallow period (when we and the horses  give in to the heat). This year was a testing time for all of us, not only the ongoing drought which had us carting water for horses, selling all the cattle and generally feel like the life was being sucked out of us, but the dreadful fires around Australia. Thankfully both Murrurundi/Blandford and Dungog/Fosterton were spared the worst of the fires though a couple of lightening strikes were a bit alarming.  And then came the rain. What a blessing – especially as we did not get the extremes the coast got. The grass now is leaping out of the ground and the horses are barely lifting their heads up to come and get a hand feed form us.

So we are kicking off the year with a slightly different event, we are hosting an International Women’s Day Morning Conversation.

The theme for IWD this year is #EachforEqual, grounded in collective individualism. What can we as individuals do, working as a collection, a community achieve by our thoughts, conversations, actions and behaviors. What sort of community do we want for the future?  What could we build, achieve, if we all were treated with equity and equally heard?

Numbers are limited in order to allow everyone to be heard.

Tickets available direct or via Eventbrite. Please note Eventbrite bookings attract an additional booking fee but allows you to use a credit card.



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