Sandra Banister

Sandra Banister

One of the Original founders of Horsanity, Sandra is currently independently pursuing her interests in organizational change at the highest level through changing the conversations within organizations.

Sandra is an explorer, drawn to the unknown. She enjoys living and working at “the emergent edge”. As a Gestaltist and Systemic Constellator, her approach can support you to improve your effectiveness in life by applying new thinking to existing issues and problems while leading and interacting with others in a more powerful way. Horses have always been figural in her life. As companions, confidants, teachers and coaches, they have been there in the darkest of times and the most joyous.

Sandra has founded two successful businesses and knows that thriving, not just surviving, depends on our ability to be adaptive and resilient to the constantly emerging issues that life provides. She continues to relax and help others to relax into the uncertainty of living and leading into a future that is changing.

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“True discipline is really self-remembering, no forcing or fighting is necessary. ”

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